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Edge Performance Athlete Rob Gronkowski


During the lockout, I needed a high end place to train. My teammates recommended Brian and brought me over to his facility. All the elite training I went through there had me feeling my best going into camp. After the off-season with Brian, I had a record breaking year in 2012 feeling strong every game every week.

Edge Performance Athlete Wes Welker


Over the course of my career I have trained with some of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the nation. After all of the work I have put in with Brian, I can honestly say he is among the elite. I would highly recommend Brian and his program to any serious athlete.

Edge Performance Athlete Harry Zolnierczyk


Brian and his team at EPS run a first class facility. Although I am only one summer into his program, I noticed a world of difference in my strength and endurance during the season. The training at EPS ultimately has allowed me to become a more complete player and compete against the best in the world at the professional level. I will be spending every summer from here on in at EPS

Edge Performance Athlete Charlie Coyle


Brian and the EPS staff have been one of the biggest reasons for my development as an athlete. Their commitment level is second to none. Brian has played a major role in getting me ready to compete at the professional level.

Edge Performance Athlete Brian Boyle


Brian has been instrumental for my career. He pushes all his athletes to challenge themselves and reach their physical maximum. He got me in better shape than I have ever been without question, and without my time at EPS I know I wouldn't have made the jump to full time in the NHL.

Edge Performance Athlete Sebastian Volmer


Working with Brian at EPS has improved my strength and agility beyond expectation. Brian’s program is extremely challenging but completely rewarding. He cares for his athletes and gives his all to create the appropriate workout for each individual.

Edge Performance Athlete Jerod Mayo


I've been working with Brian McDonough of EPS since I arrived in New England. While at EPS my explosiveness, quickness, and overall athleticism has improved considerably. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re serious enough to challenge yourself , you’ll be rewarded with increased performance on the playing field.

Edge Performance Athlete Colin McDonald


Brian McDonough and EPS have helped me to compete at an extremely high level both on the ice and in the weight room. Working at his well equipped gym and rink with a first class staff have allowed me to improve all facets of my game considerably.

Edge Performance Athlete Joe Callahan


Over my years in professional hockey I have worked with countless trainers and strength coaches. The knowledge and passion Brian has for what he does is what sets him so far apart from all of the others. He goes above and beyond for every one of his athletes and gets the absolute most out of us. I have worked with him for five years and my career would not be where it is today if it weren't for him.

Edge Performance Athlete Mike Rivera


While in New England, I was lucky enough to meet Brian and his staff. They go the extra mile to help athletes train at the highest level. Brian's passion for training is evident in his individual workouts and conditioning plans that are geared towards my personal goals. He helped me to work through an injury and get back on the field and be stronger than ever. I appreciate all the hard work they do at EPS.

Edge Performance Athlete Ben Watson


In an ultra competitive sport like football, every athlete is looking for the edge. I started working with Brian in the offseasons to supplement team workouts as well as in season to maximize my flexibility, endurance and core strength. The challenging workouts as well as the nutritional support helped further prepare my body and mind for the rigors of an NFL season. An avid competitor himself, Brian strives to improve his craft daily and offers his athletes ever evolving and diverse training methods to help them reach their individual fitness goals.

Edge Performance Athlete Sean Morris


My time w/ Brian and the edge staff has been nothing but exceptional.  The depth of their knowledge in the Professional, College and HS ranks is 2nd to none.  Their ability to combine training, hydration and meal breakdowns has lead to my success while playing for Team USA.  Not only did I receive the best training regimen of my career, but I was in an atmosphere that consisted of NFL, NHL and college athletes that created an atmosphere that was electric.  In order to be the best, you need to train with that best and EPS is the place for Massachusetts athletes!

Edge Performance Athlete Troy Brown


I first met Brian in 2001. I was obviously closer to the end of my career than I was the beginning. I truly believe some of the extra training and stretching that I did with Brian helped me to extend my career. Brian is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to his work. The program that I was on with him helped me to maintain my speed and quickness, maybe even made me a step faster. Thanks for all your help!

Edge Performance Athlete Brian Gibbons


The first things I noticed working out with Brian was his intensity and attention to detail. I was working with a group of pro hockey players who were returning athletes from the previous summer and I was amazed at how Brian kept the program geared toward the individual and not just the group. The speed and strength I gained allowed me to compete at the next level.

Edge Performance Athlete Adam Vinatieri


I worked with Brian for about 7 years while in New England. During this time I became stronger and more flexible than ever before. We worked on core strength, flexibility, and explosive power. With his help I became stronger and more flexible, two major factors of longevity in the NFL. Brian is passionate about his job helping athletes achieve their potential. If you’re training in his facility, you’re in good hands.

Edge Performance Athlete Kevin Faulk


I have been blessed with an amazing 13 year NFL career with the New England Patriots. Along with the Patriots strength and conditioning program, Brian at EPS and the intense training he had to offer is a big reason why my career has been so successful. I would highly recommend Brian to any athlete because of his commitment and willingness to make you a better player in any sport.

Edge Performance Athlete Sean Sullivan


Training with Brian has given me the speed and power that I needed to excel at the next level. His programs are designed for me to improve as a player on the ice. Each summer I was in peak physical condition which made the transition into the season easier. The atmosphere pushes you to excel and without it I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Edge Performance Athlete Mike Wright


I've been working with Brian for three years now and can tell you he knows his stuff. As a professional athlete, I need the best on my side. Brian is a true professional who has taken my game to the next level, physically and mentally.

Edge Performance Athlete Christian Fauria


I played in the NFL for 13 years and was always trying to get an edge. I went to San Diego, Texas and Arizona, but little did I know that I had one of the best trainers right in my backyard in Foxboro. With Brian’s innovative methods and unique style of motivation, I was able to extend my career by 2 years. I’ve trained with some of the best in the nation, and Brian has been by far the best.

Edge Performance Athlete Jarvis Green


Brian and I worked together for 8 years of my professional career. Even though I wasn't the fastest or strongest guy on the team, working with Brian at EPS enabled my endurance and functional strength to be at it's peak. His rigorous and intense work out regime allowed me to perform at my full potential on the field and kept my body in sync. It also helped me reach that ultimate goal of competing and winning not one, but 2 super bowl championship rings!

Edge Performance Athlete Paul Carey


Brian McDonough and his team at EPS have helped me elevate my game in every facet. His intensity and passion in the weight room is unmatched by any trainer I have worked with in the past. Going into my second summer with Brian I know that I will be in the best shape of my life come September. Everyday working with him is a new challenge because he is always pushing the envelope and customizing workouts to fit each individual.

Edge Performance Athlete Dane Fletcher


Training with Brain at EPS has hands down taken my game to another level. Working out at such a competitive and professional environment has helped me in every physical and mental aspect that I need to prepare for the NFL. I strongly recommend EPS to any highly motivated athletes. Just make sure you’re ready to come to work!

Edge Performance Athlete Jimmy Hayes


Thanks to Brian and the entire EPS staff I have been able to compete at the highest level in hockey. Brian has been there for me throughout my entire career and has pushed me to become a better athlete. His intensity and dedication to better his athletes is second to none. If it weren’t for Brian my career would not be where it is today

Edge Performance Athlete Andy Thomas


Brian McDonough and the EPS team have helped me become a better athlete in absolutely every facet. Their training methods are cutting edge, they focus on the individual rather than group needs and they are constantly evolving. I owe the prolonging of my career as a professional hockey player to their methods and their support to improve on a daily basis. If it wasn't for them, I would not be where I am today

Edge Performance Athlete Jimmy Hayes


Brian, Erik, and the crew at EPS were very helpful in creating a program to help me reach my goals. I was back in the northeast for the offseason and needed a place to train, luckily I had heard of Brian and EPS through some former teammates. They do a great job of pushing you as well as customizing your workout to fit your needs. One of the most important parts of training for me is atmosphere, and EPS is top notch in this department. The staff and trainees create a challenging, motivating, and fun environment to train in. I felt prepared heading into Ota's and training camp and have had a successful season thus far.

Edge Performance Athlete Andy Thomas

Johnny Gaudreau

Brian and the EPS staff played a huge role in preparing me for my first season in the NHL. Their unique style of training and motivation brings out the best of me on the ice and in the weight room. EPS has and continues to prepare me to play against the best in the world.

Edge Performance Athlete Jimmy Hayes

Kevin Hayes

I have been working with brian and the EPS staff for over 10 years now and there is no chance I would be where I am today without them. Brian Eric and the others have played a pivotal role in my development as an athlete and a professional. I cannot thank them enough.

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