EPS Facilities


Our Foxboro facility is located at 10 east belcher road in Foxboro Ma . It is partnered with the Foxboro Sports Center giving our athletes access to a state of the art 4,500 sq ft strength and conditioning facility


When it comes to strength and conditioning in New England, EPS is the elite powerhouse .From Super Bowl MVP’s to Stanley Cup Champions to Collegiate National Champions to High School State Champions. EPS has earned respect and trust worldwide and has been featured on 100% Julian Edelman on Showtime, The Olympic Channel, NHL Network, NHL on NBC, NESN, Minnesota Wild TV, MSGTV, Hockey Night In New England and hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles.

Exceed Your

EPS consists of a comprehensive, sound performance program that will exceed your goals and needs. Whether its sports performance, injury prevention or rehabilitation our programs put our athletes in the best position to succeed in their sport. We are a results driven facility and provide testing and key performance metrics data for each athlete to measure their progressions.


EPS has a reputation for its gritty style of training but incorporates new age technology to capture Key Performance Metrics. The competitive environment at EPS allows for athletes to push each other in the gym. Our strength coaches will guide each athlete through nutrition, workload management, and supplemental work in order to assure our athletes control what they can control.

“Training New England athletes
for two decades”


Our Northboro facility is located at 333 SW cutoff in Northboro. It is partnered with the New England Baseball Complex giving our athletes
giving our athletes access to a state of the art 4,000 sq ft performance lab and strength and conditioning facility.


EPS provides top-tier strength and conditioning to prepare athletes for their sport. From general strength to increased explosiveness, our programs will improve the necessary components to becoming a great athlete.


One major focus is injury prevention. Mobility and flexibility are key prehabilitation exercises in preventing sports-related injuries. Range of motion assessments and video analyses are used in order to ensure proper joint mechanics and exercise technique.

Key Performance

EPS incorporates new-age technologies in order to measure key performance metrics. Heart rate monitoring, force plate profiling, and speed testing are important to assess improvements in performance throughout the program.