Edge Performance Systems uses industry-leading technology to capture and track your metrics to build a program tailored to you and your goals.

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Technology in Action


Smartabase is an athlete management system that tracks and analyzes key performance metrics to ensure athletic development. Smartabase provides insight on anthropometrics, RPE’S, and daily readiness to record the compliance of the athlete. This further allows our staff to make quality decision based on knowledge and data.

Force Plate

Hawkin Dynamics builds and designs hardware for testing athletes and patients. With our industry-leading data platform you can rapidly and easily aggregate and analyze massive datasets with precision.

  • Portable, wireless dual force plates technology
  • Used to create Power Profiles and evaluate Asymmetry between left and right side
  • Make comparisons and show progress across the length of the program
  • Variables and definitions

First Beat

A heart rate monitoring system is used to measure INTERNAL LOAD during workouts, assess athletes’ ability to RECOVER, and individualize their own conditioning needs.

Speed Testing

Use of Witty Laser Timing System for pinpoint accuracy to assess 10yd sprint times, and repeated sprint ability

Tendo Unit

System to measure bar velocity during major lifts and assess power output, speed and strength in advanced athletes during Velocity-Based Training

Fan Bikes

Used to assess conditioning fitness level and the ability to push the athletes’ ability. We use 3min, 1min, or 0.5 mile max-effort sprint tests to assess distance traveled, time to completion, total calorie expenditure, average power output, and average RPMs

Rate of Perceived Exertion

Subjective metrics from our athletes that assess the athletes’ wellness. Details personal workload for lifts and conditioning.


Measurement of different body ratios (height, weight, etc.), Body composition assessment, Shoulder, hip, and ankle range of motion assessment

Dartfish Video Analysis

Used to film and break down exercise techniques, running and jumping form, etc. Allows the athlete to visually see where modification is needed and view progress throughout the program

Workload Calendar

Each athlete fills out a calendar for us to monitor workload (games, practices, showcases, etc outside of EPS) which allows us to construct programs that avoid overtraining and injury

Food & Hydration Journals

Each athlete receives a nutrition guide to complete and receive feedback on weekly food logs to monitor diet and hydration patterns. This allows us to make sure each athlete is getting the proper nutrients and following our slogan of “Fuel, Refuel, Rebuild, Repair”